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Saturday, January 16, 2010

SME Owners Survey on the year ahead

While writing my last blog on business planning it struck me that it might be useful to gather some thoughts on what SME Owners are expecting from 2010.  I feel strongly that we can learn from the experiences of others and that knowing that others are facing similar challenges and surviving can bolster our confidence to move forward.  So I went ahead and conducted a short survey.

The finding were, overall, very positive.  It seems like it is good news for SMEs for the year ahead.  Of the 58 respondents, 81% expect to experience growth during 2010, with 31% expecting more than 30% growth.  Even better, none of the respondents anticipates going out of business this year. 

Good news also for job seekers as almost 33% of respondents expect to recruit during the period.  Only 7.3% expect to make pay cuts, reduce working hours or initiate redundancies. 

To find out more on the challenges and opportunities as well as actions planned by respondents read the full report here http://short.ie/naf0vo. Don't forget to come back and leave your comments!


  1. Well Done, Jackie. You did a great job bringing all that info together and analysing the results. I see now why you are well respected in your industry.

  2. Excellent Jackie, nice to see the stats of hope.