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Monday, January 11, 2010

Business planning - is it just a paper exercise? | Transforming your Business

Have you ever notice that the very mention of the words “Business Plan” makes people cringe, glance away, mutter…hop on the nearest train to a parallel universe?
What is it that makes people so uncomfortable?  Personally I think it is that many attempt a business plan, most write it down…and then promptly forget about it.  Generally it is prepared because of a specific need like applying for credit or a grant or maybe an award.  Maybe you think I am being unfair and are full of righteous indignation right now but seriously, hand on heart, can you say that your business plan (that’s if you have one) is a living, changing thing that reminds you of your goals, directs your actions and charts your progress?  Because that is what it should be!

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